Posted on 2012-04-28 10:09:22 BJT, by Jason

SURA is our Chinese leading publisher Tencent's newly-released MMO title. It is a typical Diablo-like action MMORPG, developed by Korean dev Tempest9. Since given an oritental name, SURA features a lot of oriental mythology plots, instead of Diablo's western demonology.

Tencent firstly announced SURA on its 2012's annual game press conference. And Tencent claimed to not only operate the game in China, but also in worldwide market of gaming. SURA is the very first step of making Tencent the worldwide game operator. According to the agenda, SURA won't be going into open beta in China until 2013.

The Korean devs wanted to create somthing more than killings in SURA, so they came up with idea to create a "homeland system". The system provides many social interactive gameplay by allowing players to build their own houses and connect with each other whatever friendly or viciously. Players need to protect their houses from being attacked by other aggressive players.

The game features 3 races and several basic and advanced classes. Players need to choose their races before entering game, then choose the basic classes in-game.