Guang Rong Shi Ming

Posted on 2012-04-19 11:01:46 BJT, by Jason

The biggest reason why this game is interesting and well-known is might be this, the title was once used for military drill. So you're going to see how significant and real the game will be. After seeing the in-game screenshots and several attractive videos, our fans strongly demand to play the public version of the game. So here comes the decision from Giant, the game's Chinese dev, which is, to launch the game's civilian version in China mainland.


So from now on we're only talking about the civilian version. Like other online shooting games, Guang Rong Shi Ming also features various game modes. And in the game, we can proudly play the role of those brave Chinese soldiers, and experience the newly-developed advanced military gears. By the way, the name of the game in Chinese stands for "the duty of honor".