Chaos Online

Posted on 2012-04-19 10:14:38 BJT, by Jason

Chaos Online is the second DoTA-like, independent online sport game, developed by Korean dev Neoact. One year after League of Legends' Chinese first closed beta, Chaos Online kicked off its Chinese closed beta in Apr, 19, 2012. Chaos Online is acquired and operated by Chinese publisher, who is the well-known game platform that operates various LAN games in China mainland, including Warcraft and Counter Strike.

Comparing with other DoTA-like independent titles, Chaos Online has several special features. First, characters are geared up with this portable item store. Instead of going back to your own basement, you can purchase items at wherever lanes or jungles at any time. Second, there will be a more powerful and active minion added in each faction.

Chaos Online also has this 1 on 1 arena, you can experience the most hardcore ever match with other players.