Free Realms

Posted on 2012-04-13 14:54:25 BJT, by Jason

How elaborated and massive a casual title can be? Free Realms is going to answer the question for you. It's a 3-D MMO, and it's probably the most casual title in the world. Just like its name, in Free Realms, you can do everything you want freely, and you're about to find out that there are lot things that way more interesting than killing mobs and looting bosses in Free Realms.

Due to the long-term cooperation between The9 and Sony Entertainment Online. Free Realm came to China mainland market under The9's operation in the begining of 2012. Quickly its alpha test was announced by The9, after announced the game's Chinese official site and name. The cheerful cooperation will also successfully bring Planetside 2, an awesome futuristic shooting title, from SOE to China as well.