Angry Birds

Posted on 2012-04-13 14:30:48 BJT, by Jason

Actually, i'm not going to tell you what the game really is or how to play the game at all, because you, the fans from the whole world can answer that kind of questions better than i do. Because of the huge success of this special casual game, Rovio has become one of the most worldwide famous game publisher, especially for casual games.

After realizing how big the cake of Chinese market is, Rovio started its Chinese trip with Angry Birds last year. First of all, we've got this Moon Festival version, which represents the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Rovio exclusively designed a bunch of birds with Chinese classical costume, lanterns, and of course the bright moon. Then, Rovio partnered with China Mobile Market to officially launch Angry Birds, Now the game's latest version Space was launched in China few weeks ago.

Because Angry Birds is too hot in China, some civil organizations even built a theme park of Angry Birds. After knowing this, Rovio acted more happily than madly, and it finally came up with the idea to build an authorized theme park in China. Now Rovio is working on Angry Birds' theme shops, and the first one will be established in Shanghai. In addition, Rovio usually holds this Angry Birds tour in China.