Posted on 2012-04-10 14:55:30 BJT, by Jason

Beijing, China (178) - Chinese game publisher Tencent is ever good at teasing players with attractive words and shining concept arts. AOG is said as a game with DoTA-like, action, TPS, role-play and music-like gameplay. Meanwhile, as what Tencent always do, several colour concept arts were revealed just after the game was announced.

AOG's Chinese game goes like "the gun era", and three letters seem to represent the Age of GXXXX( "Guns" maybe). Later Tencent inroduces the various classes of the game, with each one geared up with his (or her) own weapons and combat skills. Right now, here are only a in-game footage from AOG's demo, showcased on Tencent's annual game press conference. The game's first beta will be kicking off at April, 2012.