Continent Ninth

Posted on 2012-03-08 10:36:27 BJT, by Jason

Beijing, China (178) - Like other typical made-in-Korea mmos, Continent Ninth is also featuring endless dungeons without open world, advanced classes and countless combo skills. Korean game publisher NHN Game created this game and then signed to Chinese inland operator The9.

Continent Ninth was used to offer several beta tests in 2011, and formally stepped into open beta at the beginning of 2012.  Its fast-paced gaming process is just what our fans really need, so there are so many fanatics of action-based titles waiting to get hands on the game during the beta phase.

So far, C9 offers 3 basic classes and dozens of advanced classes. You can selcet various branch classes for your character as long as it reaches the certain level. The break-into system allows you to rush in a random dungeon, kill the players in that dungeon, take away the loots yourself, and totally change PVE to PVP.