Chuang Shi Xi You

Posted on 2011-03-25 14:53:29 BJT, by Jason

Chuang Shi XI You is developed by NetEase based on a tradition science fiction in China named Journey to the West. The genernal content of the fiction is a master called XuanZang with his there apprentices (who are capable with different fighting skills) have a great journey to the west to complete their trainings. The tradition story was used as computer games thousands times in China no matter PC games or online games. This is the third time that NetEase use Journey to the West as its subjuct of MMORPG for the story still got sufficient elements to discover.

Chuang Shi Xi You is a 3D round- system MMORPG with full of Chinese tradition elements. It has sufficient stoylines and quests for players exploring the world in the game. Players need toexperience several troubles to make themself close to the "immortals" up in heaven little by little, just like the great master XuanZang and his three apprentices. Thousands of magic gears can be found from raid, thousands of quests are waiting players to finish, thousands ways for being rich, and thousands ways to interactive in game especially for "Jiebai" system.

"Jiebai" is considered as a tradition in ancient China means two or more friends become "brothers" through a holy ceremony. Players can do that in game to get more experiences for each players under the "Jiebai" system.

Genre: Fantasy

Developer: NetEase

Fee: Free, Item Mall