Snail Game

Posted on 2010-06-17 17:08:27 BJT, by Mickey Yang

Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd.(Snail Game), founded in October 2000, was one of the earliest local 3D online game developers

Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd.(Snail Game), founded in October 2000, was one of the earliest local 3D online game developers. With its headquarter lying in Suzhou--- an ancient beautiful city of 2500 histories, Snail Game currently has 800 employees in which professional personals took up 400 and setup Marketing and Overseas Operation Branch in Shanghai.

In the beginning, Snail Game setup the goal of being a top online interactive entertainment software developer. Through years of efforts, Snail Game has already been a leader in 3D online game developing and accumulated rich online game developing experience and became a rare developer who has its own 3D online game engine and depend on which Snail Game developed and operated its game and virtual world.

Meanwhile, through cooperation with Zhe Jiang University, Shanghai University and other famous colleges, Snail Game keeps in the forefront of technology developing and has established close relationship with world-level technology developer and copyright enterprises. Therefore, Snail Game's virtual world products enjoys a international vision and meets international market's demand due to its rich joint-developing experience.

Snail Game has successfully developed and operated 3 online games:Voyage Century , Age of Armor and 5 Street. In 2004, worldwide 1st 3D navigation online game starts its commercial operation and became the 1st Chinese online game that was sold into South Korea Market.

In 2008, Snail Game will start independent operation in Taiwan and USA. In 2006, Snail Game's 3D transformer online game starts its commercial operation and successfully entered into Japanese Market—Cradle of Armor Culture. In 2007, 3D friends-making community online game 5 Street has been sold to South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and other nearly 10 countries and regions within 6 months after its commercial operation.

During the 4 years of product operation, Snail Game get more than 30 prizes from government, industry, media and users. Snail Game was continuously rewarded "Chinese National Game Export Prize" for 4 times and rewarded "China Top 10 Game Developers" for 3 times. Snail Game's developing, operating and overseas marketing ability was highly acknowledged by the industry.

Snail Game is not only an excellent online game company. Snail Game's leader Mr. Shi Hai has advocated Snail Game's final goal: "Snail Game--Where the virtual world and the real world become each other's beginning and destination! " . Snail Game wants to the best virtual world creator. In 2008, 1st Virtual global entertainment platform community,Super Richman in Kong-fu Land ,Age of Armor II ,The Chosen , and other massive online games entered into market. The virtual world structure is becoming clear and virtual world products were put forward one by one. Snail Game is making great efforts to build up its virtual world structure.